Fee Payment Terms

The start-up fee of £60 and the Ninja’s first term fee is due 7 working days prior to commencement.

Subsequent term fees are paid one month prior to the commencement of that term. Any additional fees for new hardware available from time to time in order to support the Ninja grade structure will be paid one month prior to availability.

Additional fees for repair or replacement of hardware or accessories will be chargeable and payable within 7 days.

The Ninja parent or representative will fully complete and sign the booking form and provide any other information relevant to the Ninja Code Academy services.

Ninja Code Academy representatives reserve the right to accept a Ninja into any of the courses.

A minimum 10 Ninja’s are required for the course to run and Ninja Code Academy reserves the sole right to reschedule or cancel the course within one week of the start of the said term. Any cancellation refunds due will be returned in full.

There are penalties for any late payments of £45. If you wish to leave Ninja Code Academy, we require a full terms notice in writing or the full terms fee in lieu.

Method of Payment

  • Cash
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Made payable to Ninja Code Academy Ltd.

Preferred payment method is BACs to the following account:
Ninja Code Academy Ltd.
Barclays Bank,
Sort Code: 20-02-06
Account No: 83879518

Add the Invoice number as a reference.

Please make cheques payable to “Ninja Code Academy Ltd”
Please add the Ninja Code Academy Ltd name for reference.

Child care vouchers are not supported today and the plan is to do so as soon as possible.

Other Rules and Regulations

Ninja parents or representatives will solely be liable for any cost incurred resulting financially or otherwise, for damage to property caused by a Ninja at any and all venues and fully indemnify Ninja Code Academy employees, agents and contractors for any loss, damage, costs or expenses resulting from such liability, injury or damage.

Ninja Code Academy reserves the right to not unreasonably, temporarily suspend or cancel any Ninja’s participation and are under no obligation to return any fees based on poor attendance, behavior, late arrivals and illness.

All Ninja Code Academy staff take the Ninja’s education very seriously and endeavor to provide a safe working environment. In addition, all Ninja Code Academy staff are CRB checked and First Aid trained. Certifications available on written request.