Ninja Grading

All Ninjas need to be graded for recognition of their achievements and the ‘Ninja Code Academy’ is no exception.

Becoming a black belt is a personal journey. On that journey you will learn discipline, self-esteem, confidence, social skills, focus, concentration, team work and communication. All will be nurtured. All of the things will benefit the Ninja in everyday life!

At the ‘Ninja Code Academy’, we strive to extract the best out of our Ninja’s, independent of age or gender. We support a “been there, done that, got the T-Shirt” approach, in which others will aspire to.

All apprentice Ninja’s start with a white T-Shirt included in the joining fee. This is a quality polo style T-Shirt with the Ninja Code Academy’s logo indicating honour and respect. Maintaining an eye on progress and by passing key milestones, a Ninja is invited to a grading ceremony where the subsequent T-Shirt colour is presented and adorned with pride. Get to black and you can join an elite team of Ninja’s, where you will be given the honour of helping support the courses and even teach.

Wear the T-Shirt and impress your parents and friends with the “coooool” things you are learning and making!

The Ninja levels are split by age for Junior KS2 and Senior KS3+ tracks and follow the order

White Ninja

Yellow Ninja

Orange Ninja

Blue Ninja

Red Ninja

Black Ninja

The best of the best can become a Black Ninja in two to three years.