All new apprentice Ninja’s enrol by paying a one off start-up fee of £60. A kit is provided which includes the administration fee, a high quality white logo embroidered T-shirt, hardware homework board, small power supply, connecting cables and a notebook and pen. It is a requirement that this is brought to the classes at every session. This will enable the Ninja to learn and develop code at the class, as well as complete the fun exercises at home individually and/or collaboratively.

The Ninja will also need to bring a personal Windows Laptop with at least XP installed and the power supply. We are not supporting MacBook’s at this stage, but hope to soon.

A £150/term is charged in advance for a typical school term. If you attend an Insight Session and book at the event, a 10% discount will be granted against the first terms’ fee. For additional siblings please contact us.

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